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IAFC - International Association of Fire Chiefs
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Connect & learn at the Green Valley Ranch

FRM 2016 at the gorgeous Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, Nev., will offer inspiring speakers that focus on current topics, best practices, and case studies to keep you informed. Register now.

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How's your social media policy?

The Model Fire and EMS Department Social Media Policy is a tool for developing a department position on the use of social media with guidelines on administration and oversight.

Fire Adapted Communities - Lessons Learned From Wa
WUI 2016: Lessons Learned

Hear from Oregon’s top agency leaders on how they tackled wide-spread fires with scarce resources. Register for Wildland-Urban Interface 2016.

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Operations Resources & Tools

Whether you're a fire chief, chief officer or company officer, the IAFC's many operational tools and resources can help you excel on the incident scene and create safer communities.

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We are the IAFC. Join us, join today! The IAFC provides training and leadership for today's chiefs and tomorrow's chief officers.

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Relationship Modes for Fire Officers

Becoming a first-line supervisor is tough in any profession; it’s doubly tough in the fire service for two reasons: low turnover and the need for multiple relationship modes. Read more >

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Check the latest census results to take a hard look at your community's ethnic makeup: Does your department mirror that makeup?


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Chief, We recently made revisions to this policy to conform to state law as well as allow employees across the city to exercise the law. Being a fellow Texas Municipality, our policy will meet some ...

Chief; We have an on-shift, engine company based fire investigation unit that is CCW qualified. After considerable research/debate some time ago, where we landed was to have these members secure th...

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