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Industrial Fire & Safety Section

Industrial Fire and Safety Section logo

The Industrial Fire and Safety Section is a forum for industrial fire and safety professionals to exchange ideas and experiences, as well as an opportunity for industrial and municipal fire and safety professionals to network. The section gave the industrial sector a voice in the IAFC, and therefore a voice at the government level. The section has become a source for up-to-date information, training resources, regulatory input and equipment information through a network of experienced professionals.

Industrial Section's Annual Meeting at FRI

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 08:00 am to 09:30 am; Room B409 in the Convention Center (More on FRI)

Training Opportunities

2015 TEEX Training Classes

2015 ANSUL Foam School Schedule

2015 National Fire Sprinkler Association Classes

2015 National Association of Fire Investigators

Security and Emergency Response Training Center

Roco Training Center (RTC)

Energetic Research and Testing Center of New Mexico Tech

Counter Terrorism Operations Support (CTOS) – Center for Radiological/Nuclear Training

National Safety Council - Safety Training

National Safety Council - OSHA Training

Center for Domestic Preparedness

International Organization for Industrial Hazard Management (JOIFF)


Fire Chief Reginald D. Freeman
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

Vice Chair
Manager Rick Isaacks

Staff Liaison
John Woulfe

Meeting Minutes

November 2015 (pdf)

August 2015 (pdf)

July 2015 (pdf)

June 2015 (pdf)

May 2015 (pdf)

April 2015 (pdf)

March 2015 (pdf)

February 2015 (no meeting)

January 2015 (pdf)

December 2014 (pdf)

November 2014 (pdf)