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Storm Response and Recovery

Hurricane Sandy: Federal Response and Recovery Resources

HHS Hurricane Sandy Response and Recovery 2012
HHS Hurricane Sandy - Public Health Situation Updates

General Guidance Documents

Community and Responder Safety

Simple Messages Reinforce Safety, Personal Accountability During Storm Recovery

Hazardous Materials

Transportation and Storage of Gasoline

Propane and Gas Safety in Flooding Conditions:  EMR-ISAC InfoGram for November 1, 2012 (pdf)

Reports and Lessons Learned

Final Report: New Orleans Fire Department Recovery and Reconstitution Process (pdf)

IAFC Report on the Performance of the Fire Service during the 2003 Northeast Blackout and the Implications for Critical Infrastructure Protection (pdf)

Vehicle Operations

Model Procedures for Response of Emergency Vehicles During Hurricanes and Tropical Storms (pdf)

Share Your Resources and Lessons Learned

IAFC has established a Storm Response and Recovery Community on IAFC KnowlegeNet.  IAFC members may post resources, department SOPs and discussion questions that may support immediate or long-term storm response and recovery operations.  Please DO NOT seek or solicit response assistance on this page.

KnowlegeNet Tips

  1. Visit the Storm Response and Recovery Community
  2. Log in using your IAFC website credentials
  3. You may be prompted to update or confirm your profile information
  4. Click the Join the Community button (first visit only)


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