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Emergency Management Committee

The IAFC's Emergency Management Committee is responsible for addressing issues of mutual aid and providing state-to-state coordination and oversight to the IMAS project. The EMC was officially approved by the Board of Directors in May 2006 and is supported by DHS's National Integration Center (NIC).

Chief Gerard Dio
Worcester Fire Department (MA)

Staff Liaison
John Woulfe

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Go Teams Any local, state or federal official operating on an emergency incident may request Go Team assistance.
Call toll-free 1-888-840-6884.

Mutual Aid Training Programs

Note: The following PDFs can be delivered like PowerPoint presentation by selecting View>Full Screen Mode in Adobe Reader.
PDF Mutual Aid - 401: Mission Ready Packages for the Fire Service
PDF Mutual Aid - 301: So You Want to Get Paid
PDF Mutual Aid - 201: EMAC Training for the Fire Service
PDF Mutual Aid - 101: What Every Firefighter Should Know

Other Resources

PDF EMC Flow Chart

PDF Evacuee Support Planning Guide (1.4 mb)
PDF Evacuee Support Concept of Operations (1.3 mb)

PDF Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP); Volume II: Exercise Planning and Conduct
PDF Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program brief

Meeting Minutes

PDF November 1, 2011, Wheeling, IL
PDF August 24, 2011, Atlanta, GA
PDF May 2, 2011, St. Charles, MO
PDF March 28, 2011, Reno, NV

PDF November 9, 2010, Port Allen, LA
PDF August 23, 2010, Chicago, IL (FRI)
PDF June 2, 2010, St. Charles, MO
PDF March 29, 2010, Reno, NV

PDF NIMS Briefing Presentation - M. Kaminski
PDF NEMA Presentation - N. Dragani, June 2, 2009
PDF EMAC Update (6.3 mb) - N. Dragani, June 2, 2009

EMC Tasking

As a standing committee of the IAFC, the EMC has been assigned a number of responsibilities, including:

  • Continue work to resolve the 6 primary issues identified in the MASTF Strategic Plan (pdf).
  • Take the lead for the IAFC in dealing with state and national issues concerning the movement of fire resources across state lines.
  • Annually sponsor a national conference to bring together the national associations and federal agencies who directly participate in disaster response. The forum is to be used to exchange ideas and information on the issues of state and national mutual aid.
  • Identify existing programs and develop needed programs on mutual aid for the fire service.
  • Provide oversight for the IMAS project.

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